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Helping Friends Become Bolder

Hi!  My name is Linda, a disruptive woman living in Texas.   Like most of my girlfriends, I’ve spent the last couple of decades raising kids, building a career, and helping my husband pay off a home and our kid’s college.  When my job was eliminated and my  long-time media career ended in 2016, I felt scared and exhilarated at the same time.

Scared, because like many of us women who have devoted our lives to making a family, home and career, my old purpose was disappearing

Exhilarated because old expectations had disappeared, too.   I wasn’t about to have new expectations assigned to me.  Ones like “Older women are invisible.”   Bullshit!

Together, we’ll grow bolder, not older.  We’ll practice getting comfortable with discomfort in small ways that yield big results.

We’ll learn to follow our gut instinct, no matter how crazy and impulsive.  For me, that instinct meant giving the boss who  let me go a  Thank You note.  That action is still an urban legend in my old company.  But it was an authentic action.  Gratitude for all I’d learned from him.  And a declaration that having my job eliminated wasn’t a personal slam or a reason for me to think I’d failed.

We’ll take baby steps to get us in the right mindset for being brazen.  The changes will be subtle but practicing them each day will put your through a brazenness boot camp.

Understand the reason women grow bolder when they pass 50 and how to make the most of this time.

Realize that pre-writing your obituary is more motivating than any mission statement, no matter what your age.

How not to be invisible

Along the way, we’ll discover how to complement our bold new life with fashion and surroundings and discover leisure and learning activities that fit who we are now. How to walk, talk and move to claim our well deserved place in any group.

That includes breaking habits like saying sorry too much or asking questions ineffectively.

And we’ll figure out how manage money, time and responsibilities for this new life while letting go of the things that waste our energy. Resources that cost little or nothing, just your willingness to see yourself differently.

We are sisters from another mother. And we’ll support each other like sisters.  Occasionally, there will be some needed tough love back and forth.  But like family, we’re always there for each other.

So, thanks ahead of time for doing me the favor of kicking my butt verbally when you think I’ve wimped out on something.  Or sending me a note about your escapades or stumbles so we all can learn from each other.  Our embarrassments aren’t  fatal…except to our kids!

Wisdom comes from experience, and we bolder women are full of it!