How to stop with sorry & say what you really mean!

“Sorry” can be so dangerous for us women, the surgeon general’s warning should flash in our brains before it comes out of our mouths! Use it at the absolutely only 3 right times, it is tremendously healing.  Use it at the wrong time and too often, it is incredibly demeaning.  That’s why I’ve had to practice not saying sorry and come up with these bold phrases to use instead.

How to ask questions boldly & get results

Direct questions are a powerful tool to get what you need or want, sometimes more easily than you thought possible. Unfortunately, many of us think we’re questioning while the person we are talking to hears whining or complaining.  Learn these five techniques to ask questions boldly that get real answers.

Why “funky” is very best compliment you can get!

It takes a bold woman to take “funky” as a compliment. Funky isn’t about style or fashion, it’s about attitude. According to dictionaries, funky means different or strange but definitely cool, interesting and unconventionally stylish. Time to break it down and be even funkier!

How to use a traveler’s perspective to grow bolder…in your kitchen

We grow bolder when discomfort blast us out of our rut and makes us more open.  And our minds are never less comfortable and more open than when our daily routine is disrupted by travel.  Time to use this unique traveler’s perspective to bring back ideas to re-energize and reinvent regular routines – this time in our kitchens!

How to Dress Boldly & Still Look Professional

After spending two days glued to TV during a “major weather event”, it was good to see that many on-camera women have figured out how to dress boldly and professionally.  It seems we girls have developed our own version of the “power suit” that guys have long had as a go to.

How to know when it’s time to give up

Is it time to give up?   You’ve finally got some breathing room as kid-raising and career-building winds down.  Now you’re working on creating bold new direction and it’s not coming together. How to know if you’re truly giving something a fair shot or if it is time to move on.